• The World’s finest Board and Ski Storage Solution

  • The Ideal Board and Ski Storage Solution for your lifestyle

  • Organized Storage for all of your extreme sports gear

  • Look good when you’re not riding

  • Adjustable to fit any combination of boards and skis

About The Wakeboard Storage Rack System

The XSR | Wakeboard Storage Rack was born from necessity. As avid borders and extreme sports enthusiasts we grew up participating in many different board sports. Living in Southern California gave us quick access to lake, mountain and beach sports at our fingertips. It was these conditions that gave birth to the XSR. The first XSR was nothing more than a wooden prototype. I went to work in my garage with a number of hand tools and spent most of my Saturday grinding away at some MDF I had laying around. The end result was a far cry from today’s system, but it did give birth to the idea of making an affordable, high quality storage system for boards and skis. We went back to the drawing board and after countless revisions and prototype runs we narrowed things down to our first commercial version of the XSR. We soon found the demand for our product was real. Customers came back for a second purchase and often sent their co-workers, friends and neighbors to us for our new product. Today, we are selling the second generation of the XSR. We believe our storage rack is the best solution for your board and ski storage rack needs.

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