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XSR Storage System

Contrary to popular belief laying and stacking your boards in piles in the garage is not the best way to store your equipment. XSR storage system offers you an inexpensive easy way to keep your boards organized and damage free.

Easy Mounting

Tired of fumbling through 42 pages of Swedish pictures for all your storage systems. XSR offers a system so simple to mount there is no need for instructions.

Board Saftey

With board safety being such a big issue these days that was our first thought when designing our board storage system. All board racks have a poly urethane layer between the boards and the racks to ensure your edges will never be damaged.

Odor Control

You don't want to be that friend that shows up and his gear smells like it has been burried in a cow pasture for the last few months. You know what one I am talking about. The XSR board storage system is designed to let your gear properly air out and dry to eliminate odors before they happen.

XSR Board Storage Cost

Why compromise your gear.


Complete XSR System


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